Farmers signing up for eASD

Lockdown has boosted farmer uptake of electronic Animal Status Declaration (ASD requests. Meat processors and trucking companies looking to cut down on handing paper forms are encouraging their clients to go electronic

The Covid-19 lockdown and restrictions have created a sudden increase in farmers signing up for electronic eASD.

OSPRI’s electronic (eASD) form enables farmers to make an animal status declaration (ASD) online or with a smartphone.

The eASD introduced in 2016 as a pilot, had around 1400 farmers registered two weeks ago, this has since increased by an unprecedented 160 % to 3630.

OSPRI is attributing the spike in eASD registrations to meat processors and trucking companies choosing to avoid the handling of ASD paper forms while encouraging their clients to go electronic.

The eASD scheme is still undergoing development and currently supports movements of sheep, cattle, and deer from the last farm to slaughter

The current participating meat processors are:

•             Alliance

•             ANZCO

•             Blue Sky Meats

•             BX Foods

•             Oamaru Meats Ltd

•             Duncan South

•             Duncan Processors LTD

•             Greenlea

•             Progressive Meats

•             Silver Fern Farms

•             Taylor Preston Ltd

•             Venison Packers Feilding


Farmers are advised to get in touch with their livestock agent or supplier before registering with eASD.

You can register online at

The eASD NZ app is available for download from the Apple App Store or Google Play.