The first release of MyOSPRI

We’re pleased to announce the first release of MyOSPRI, our new online customer portal.

The first release of MyOSPRI is also the first step in our digital upgrade. Having systems that are easier to use, and that work better with other apps and systems you already use on-farm, will make full lifetime traceability for your animals simpler.

The first release of MyOSPRI allows farmers invited to the system to create a farm-to-farm Animal Status Declaration (ASD) form online that they can download, print or share with transporters and receiving farmers. With future releases including a farm-to-meat processor ASD, over time MyOSPRI will bring NAIT, eASD and TBfree together, so farmers can do all online transactions with us in one place.

From 30 June a small number of farmers will be invited to sign-up and use the new MyOSPRI system — sign-up isn’t open to all farmers yet. Our plan is to increase the number of people using the system slowly and get farmer feedback early, so we can continue to improve as we develop future releases.

Sign-up for the first release of MyOSPRI is completely voluntary.

If you receive an electronic farm-to-farm ASD

As farmers signed-up to MyOSPRI can share electronic copies of farm-to-farm ASDs from within MyOSPRI, you may find that you start to receive ASDs from the new system to your email. There is no change to how the forms look, but you’ll be receiving them directly to your email address instead. From there you’ll be able to file online or print off a copy for your records.

An ASD from, paper or electronic, must be completed when moving animals between properties and sending animals to slaughter. This change is only applicable to farm-to-farm ASDs, so it doesn't apply to ASDs to meat processors or saleyards. Our current eASD system for farm-to-meat processor can still be used, but will eventually be replaced by MyOSPRI — we’ll let you know well in advance of when that’ll happen.

This video offers a brief overview of the features available to you in MyOSPRI.

Overview of MyOSPRI


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An overview of MyOSPRI

In MyOSPRI you can create farm-to-farm Animal Status Declarations (ASDs) for cattle, sheep or deer.

When you fill in the form you can:
• get more information about what you need to do by selecting the question mark beside a field - help text slides out from the right of the screen
• send electronic copies of the ASD to the person receiving your animals, if you know their email address
• enter details of a livestock transporter, if you're using one.

When you've completed an ASD, you can:
• download and print it
• edit or cancel it.

You can also manage your profile - for example, update your address or add a new phone number.

If you need help you can:
• select the Need help button at the bottom left of the screen to go to the Help information on our website, or
• phone us on 0800 482 463.

Getting involved

We're always looking for more volunteers to help us test future releases of MyOSPRI. If you’re interested in becoming a MyOSPRI testing partner you can sign-up here.

MyOSPRI will become our single system for animal traceability. It will also have animal disease management information for farmers.