Join the conversation – it’s AGM time!

It’s almost AGM time for our OSPRI committees and we’re looking for engaged, energetic farmers who have a passion for protecting New Zealand’s biosecurity to join one of our 12 regional committees. Find out about the benefits of being a committee member and how you can get involved today.

Every year we run an Annual General Meeting (AGM) across New Zealand, open to potential new OSPRI committee members.

Our committee members provide feedback on current issues from their farmer or industry networks and help OSPRI build understanding and wider community support for our programmes. The committees’ philosophy is based on:

  • farmers talking to farmers
  • discussing relevant local issues
  • education.

To understand the benefits of being on our committees we spoke to one of our committee members about her experience. Marnie Rutherford is a practiced lifestyle block owner, moving to New Zealand from the UK over 20 years ago – she’s been on our Wellington-Wairarapa OSPRI Committee for the last three years.

‘I’m passionate about being a lifestyler’. At the time of joining, Marnie was running a small hold volunteer group – and became aware of MPI and OSPRI through her involvement with the group. It was evident to her that OSPRI were focussing their energies on educating commercial farmers.

‘I joined the committee so that as a lifestyler I could join the conversation. Commercial farmers understand their compliance obligations as the impacts of disease has serious implications to their business, where lifestylers can often miss the rules that apply to them too,’ says Marnie.

‘By joining an OSPRI Committee I’ve been able to provide feedback to get specific communications to lifestylers, I’ve also been able to get real time compliance information to share and educate my fellow lifestyler block owners – and share through my work at a local saleyard. You’d be surprised how many people still arrive to buy cattle without a NAIT number. I can facilitate that conversation and get them in touch with OSPRI.’

When asked why others should get involved, Marnie had a clear response, ‘there’s no point whinging about the rules. If you don’t think they’re working for you, get involved to make a difference. Through my work on the committee, I’ve had the opportunity to get in front of the decision makers and senior leadership to help shape and influence decisions that directly impact lifestylers.’

Get involved today  

To express your interest, please fill out an expression of internet form before the close off date for your selected committee. The regional chairs will be in touch to provide the location of the meeting.  

Committee meeting dates 2022



Expressions of interest closes  

Mid North Island (AGM) 

Thursday 9 June - 10.30am  

Thursday 2 June  

Top of the South 

Thursday 17 June - 10.00am 

Thursday 10 June  


Tuesday 21 June - 10.00am 

Tuesday 14 June  


Tuesday 21 June - 10.30am 

Tuesday 14 June  

West Coast 

Thursday 23 June - 10.00am – 2.30/3pm  

Thursday 16 June  

Southland + Otago (joint meeting) 

Thursday 23 June - time TBC 

Thursday 16 June 


Wednesday 29 June - 10.00am 

Wednesday 22 June  


Thursday 30 June - 1.00pm 

Thursday 23 June  

Northern North Island (AGM) 

Thursday 30 June - 10.30am 

Thursday 23 June