MyOSPRI replacing eASD

On 25 July 2022, we are retiring the eASD system and replacing it with MyOSPRI.

If you use our eASD system or app for completing Animal Status Declarations (ASDs) for sheep, cattle, and deer being sent to slaughter, you need to be aware of some important changes. From 25 July 2022 we are retiring the eASD system and app, and farmers will instead need to use MyOSPRI, our new online customer portal, to send electronic ASDs.

In time, MyOSPRI will allow farmers to view ASDs, NAIT and disease management information all in one place. It will make managing traceability and livestock movements online easier for farmers.

Moving over to MyOSPRI

If you currently use eASD, you don’t need to do anything yet.

In July we’ll send you an email with a link to set a new password in MyOSPRI and all your historic eASDs will be moved over to your new MyOSPRI account. We’ll send regular reminders ahead of the move, so you are well informed.  

We may need to get in contact with you ahead of July if your details in eASD are incomplete or need reconfirming. Our Support Centre will be in touch with you throughout May.  

We understand that you may not want to use MyOSPRI, or you may only use eASD infrequently.  You’ll be able to download and save any eASDs ahead of the eASD system being retired. We’ll let you know closer to the time how to get those eASDs.

ASDs must be kept:

  • for 1 year after animals are sold
  • for as long as a farmer owns the animals, plus an additional year
  • for 4 years if you are a meat processor.

MyOSPRI is not replacing the paper ASD form, which is still available.

Using MyOSPRI from July 2022

From July 2022, you’ll be able to use MyOSPRI to send farm-to-farm and farm-to-meat processor ASDs. You’ll still need to use paper ASD forms for saleyards.

If you need support

We know that it can be hard to navigate a new system. That’s why we’ll have resources, step-by-step guides, and short videos to take you through each step. We’ll also have farmer support sessions after 25 July 2022. To find out more about changes to ASDs you can follow the link below or email us on