OSPRI News: April 2021

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Farmer using laptop in fieldSelling weaner calves?

If you’re in the market for animals this autumn, make sure the seller or vendor has a NAIT number. If the traded animals are moving between farms, confirm the movement in NAIT.

Sending calves off to grazing?

If you're moving animals off to grazing check in with your grazier on who is responsible for any animals that may need to be retagged while they're away. Remember you can only use tags at the NAIT location they were assigned to.

OSPRI trialling technologies for smarter pest control

OSPRI and partners are trialling drones, thermal imaging cameras, and automated resetting traps with the expectation that these "game changing" technologies will be available this year.

Online platform supporting traceability

Farmers trading animals on Trade Me will now have to complete a NAIT declaration when posting their animals online for sale.

Our website has changed

Check out our new-look website. It’s now easier to find the forms or guides you need, and get information about disease management and traceability.