Have your say on proposed NAIT standard — registration of entities trading in NAIT animals

A proposed new NAIT Standard (Registration of Entities Trading in NAIT Animals) sets out new expectations for those who trade in NAIT animals (cattle and deer) as a third party and their obligations under NAIT.

Traders of cattle and/or deer, and PICAs who deal with those traders, will be directly affected by this Standard. Feedback is critical in making sure the Standard balances the need to keep compliance simple and straight forward for farmers and the industry while ensuring New Zealand’s traceability system is robust and effective.

The NAIT scheme identifies and traces livestock in New Zealand which is vital for disease response, biosecurity and market access.

The obligations set out in this proposed Standard will be mandatory for traders. Traders include (but are not limited to) stock and station agents, livestock brokers, livestock traders and meat processor procurement representatives.

Traders are a critical part of the New Zealand traceability system which aims to ensure rapid response and management of disease outbreak or incursion and provide assurance to international trading partners.

Traders will need to be registered for with OSPRI, required to pass a ‘fit and proper person’ test, complete educational modules, and provide NAIT information to PICAs. Traders will be able to access certain information in NAIT for this purpose.

This Standard does not remove PICA obligations. PICAs are ultimately responsible for tagging, registering and recording movements.

Survey deadline

If you think you will be affected by this Standard make sure you have your say on what is included and how it is set up by completing the consultation survey by 5pm Sunday, March 14 2021.