Support for farmers affected by the flooding in Marlborough and Buller district

Due to the recent heavy rain and flooding in the upper South Island and on the West Coast, we're extending our reporting timeframes for flood-affected farmers.

NAIT timeframes extended for Marlborough and Buller district

We have extended the timeframes for updating NAIT to help ease some of the pressure on farmers and other People in Charge of Animals (PICAs) in Buller and Marlborough.

The extensions continue until the local state of emergency is lifted for each district. Keep an eye on your local council website and Civil Defence Facebook page for updates on when this happens.

You now have the following timeframes to provide the following NAIT information.

PICA registration

Register as a PICA within 7 days after your local state of emergency ends.

Animal movements

Declare animal movements within 7 days after your local state of emergency ends.

Due to the importance of animal traceability and biosecurity, we can’t provide an exemption from tagging and registering animals before moving them, but we hope to give people some breathing room by extending these timeframes.

Untagged animals

Animals that arrive untagged must be tagged and registered within 7 days after your local state of emergency ends.

Where possible, you should check if any NAIT tags have been lost or misplaced in the flooding.

Dead and missing animals

Declare animal deaths and losses within 21 days of your local state of emergency ends.

Getting more support

MPI, Animal Evac NZ, SPCA, and HUHA have teamed up to provide support to any animal affected by the flooding.

Phone 03 789 7520 for the SPCA Westport Centre and 03 572 9156 for the SPCA Renwick Centre.

If you need help with domestic or lifestyle animals, contact Animal Evac NZ on 03 349 7057.

For commercial farm assistance, call MPI on 0800 008 333 or visit the Funding and rural support page on their website.

If you need emergency feed, help moving stock or cleaning up, call Federated Farmers on 0800 376 646, or the Rural Support Trust on 0800 787 254.

DairyNZ has information about flood recovery for dairy farmers.