Trading NAIT animals on Trade Me

Did you know you could trade NAIT animals on Trade Me? Well, you can!

Trade Me declaration screenshotIn July last year OSPRI met with Trade Me to discuss trading livestock on the platform and PICAs’ obligations under the Biosecurity Act 1993 and the NAIT Act 2012.

Managing biosecurity threats and risks is essential to uphold and protect New Zealand’s livestock sector. Ensuring New Zealand has a traceability system that supports biosecurity and disease management to rapidly respond to and manage a disease outbreak or incursion is a key focus of our work here at OSPRI.

As we work to improve the reliability of the NAIT scheme and to further improve New Zealand’s biosecurity preparedness, we approached Trade Me to get their assistance with a new listing declaration and blog post on their platform for the sale of NAIT animals.

Persons offering NAIT animals for sale must now include specific content on the animal’s sale listing. This will add value to those purchasing the animals by providing information on their history, to support better on-farm management.

As of January, persons trading in NAIT animals on Trade Me have to agree to this declaration before posting their animal/s for sale.