Eradicating bovine TB in NZ

As part of our TBfree programme we deliver our pest control operations through a framework of TB management areas (TMAs). TMAs are areas with known TB infection in livestock and wildlife. Each TMA has a specific TB control plan designed to eradicate TB as effectively as possible.

Area map of the Takaka TMAThe Takaka TMA

The Takaka TMA covers 130,324 ha within and adjacent to the northern reaches of Kahurangi National Park.

The habitat is hilly farmland to mountainous areas with native forest. Altitudes range from sea level to 1900 metres.

History of TB and pest control in the Takaka TMA

We haven't identified any TB in wildlife in recent years in the Takaka TMA, although infected pigs have been found in the past. Herds in the area have occasionally been infected with the last outbreak being in 2015.

We completed ground-based possum control covering 13,500 ha in:

  • Upper Takaka South in 2014
  • the East Takaka Brooklyn and Upper Takaka North blocks over 8,000 ha in 2015.

We undertook pig surveys covering 30,000ha during 2017 in the East Takaka Brooklyn block, the Upper Takaka North block and the Upper Takaka South block.  

Aerial possum control was completed in:

  • the Upper Takaka North block in 2014, and
  • the East Takaka Brooklyn and Upper Takaka South blocks in 2015.

The Cobb Tasman and Kahurangi Tasman North blocks form part of the Department of Conservation’s Tiakina ngā manu Battle for our Birds programme.

Current state

There are 74 herds within the Takaka TMA — none are currently infected. 

Future pest control operations

We plan our pest control operations up to 3 years in advance. The current year runs from July 2021 to June 2022.

Dates and control methods for pest control operations in Takaka are provisional and subject to change. If you’re affected by any upcoming operations, our pest control contractors will contact you before work begins. They will:

  • talk you through the specifics of each operation
  • explain what you need to do before the operations start
  • get your consent for the work to be done.
Type of controlWhenCoverageWhere
Pig survey2021/202211,500haEast Takaka Brooklyn


Supplejack Contracting Limited manage eradication activities in the Takaka TMA. Contact them directly if you have feedback or questions about upcoming operations.

Supplejack Contracting Limited
Phone: 06 378 8414

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