You can download a NAIT account summary report to help with auditing. This report provides a summary of activity for a NAIT account for the past 12 months from the date the report is generated. It includes:

  • NAIT location details
  • a summary of registered animals at the location
  • PICA contact information
  • movement history for the last 12 months.

Preparing for an audit

If you're preparing for a supplier audit, you will need to download your account summary report in the 10 days before your audit is scheduled. Once downloaded, you will need to print a copy or save it to your computer for the auditor.

How to create a report

Log into the NAIT system, and click on the NAIT number you want to generate a report for.

Image showing how to select a NAIT number in your account

Select ‘NAIT number details’ from the left-hand column.

Image showing how to select your NAIT number details

Select the ‘Download NAIT summary report’ link from the NAIT number details panel.

Image showing how to download an account summary report in NAIT

Need help?

If you can't access a computer or need help to download a report, call us on 0800 482 463.