You can view the full history of multiple animals at one time by entering multiple RFIDs or visual tag numbers into the report.

This report is useful when purchasing a NAIT animal as it verifies its movement history. You can see the location the animal was registered to and any subsequent locations the animal has been moved to.

The location information provided refers to the district the animal was registered to. 

How to create a report

First, log in to your NAIT account.

Image showing screenshot of NAIT account login

Select "View reports".

Image showing screenshot of NAIT account details

Select "Animal registration & movement history report’", and input the RFID numbers or visual tag numbers. Always separate each tag number by either a comma or a new line.

Image showing screenshot of NAIT account details

You can then select which columns you wish to return in the report.

Choose how you would like the results to be displayed. Selecting ‘Show on screen’ will display the results on the current screen. Selecting ‘CSV’ will export the result to a spreadsheet.

Reading the report

If an animal has been registered, the report will show details of the animal’s registration with a full movement history.

An animal can only be registered once. Each registration and movement is shown on a new row. You will see each location the animal has been registered or moved to/from.

There is no "From Address" when an animal is registered. The "To Address" represents where the animal was registered to.

Image showing screenshot of NAIT account details