When you're tagging animals:

  • use NAIT approved RFID tags
  • only use tags issued to the location you're tagging at
  • follow the tag manufacturer’s instructions for maximum tag retention.

After tagging you must register the animal in your NAIT account to activate the tag. Register animals within 7 days of tagging, or before their first off-farm movement, whichever comes first.

When tagging you need to note:

  • the number printed on each tag or the scanned RFID numbers
  • the animal production type (beef, dairy or deer)
  • the animal's birth date (month and year).

Noting the sex of the animals is optional.

A new rule was introduced on 14 December 2020. You can only use NAIT tags at the specific NAIT location number they were issued for.

This means that, in most cases you cannot take spare NAIT tags with you when you move, or share tags between NAIT locations. In some cases, for example for tags printed with a participant code, a tag may be re-assigned for use at a different location.

You do not need to remove or replace any existing tags as a result of this change.

This improves our ability to trace diseases using NAIT tags. If, for example, an animal has not been properly registered in NAIT, disease control experts can look at a tag and quickly identify the animal’s point of origin.

Reassigning dairy participant code tags

If your tags have a NAIT location number printed on them, they cannot be re-assigned. Be careful not to stockpile too many tags if you're planning to move.

If your tags have a dairy participant code printed on them, they are still linked to a specific NAIT location number, but OSPRI can help you reassign them to a new location:

  • if you move your dairy herd to a new farm. Call OSPRI to reassign your tags to your new location. Do this before you tag your animals
  • if a dairy animal loses a tag while at grazing, or is born at grazing. You can tag it with your dairy participant code. Call OSPRI first to have the NAIT tag re-issued to the grazing NAIT location.

We can re-assign these tags to a new NAIT location number because the participant code printed on the tags refers to a herd, not a location. Call 0800 482 463 if you need to reassign a tag.

Birth and replacement tag examples

How to check you’re using the right tags

If your tag has your NAIT location number printed on it, you’re good to go.

Remember: If you have more than one NAIT number or you move, make sure you don’t share tags between farms.

If you want to check the NAIT location for a tag printed with a herd number or participant code, you can:

  1. log in to NAIT
  2. find the grey box on the top right-hand side of your page (“Look up Animal Or Tag”)
  3. type in the tag’s RFID or visual ID and click ‘Go’.

The NAIT number will appear under the “NAIT Number” label.

Some tags issued before 2015 will not have an assigned NAIT number.

Do not remove tags without permission from OSPRI. It's an offence to remove a NAIT tag without permission.

If you need to remove or replace a NAIT RFID tag from a NAIT animal, contact OSPRI to request permission on 0800 482 463, or email us at info@ospri.co.nz. Once an approved tag has been removed and replaced, a tag replacement must be logged in NAIT.

It's also an offence to alter or reuse a NAIT tag.