Buying stock

  1. Make sure all animals are correctly identified with NAIT ear tags.
  2. Check section 6 of the Animal Status Declaration (ASD) information.
  3. Check the TB status of the animals:
    • If the animals are from a Movement Control Area, check that they have been tested within the last 60 days or are accompanied by a permit.
    • If the animals are from a C1 status herd, an additional test will be required 3–12 months after the movement for animals – that were present in the herd – while it had an infected status. This will include the animals that move, and the animals that mix with them at the farm they moved to. For animals moving to an annual testing area, the post movement test may be covered by routine herd testing.
  4. Check the last whole herd test date, and whether TB was detected. If the animals are from an infected herd make sure you are aware of your obligations and how introducing these animals will affect your herd status. You must retain copies of Animal Status Declarations for the period that the animals are kept plus an additional 12 months.

Selling stock

  1. Have your NAIT number handy.
  2. Complete the Animal Status Declaration (ASD) which is required for all movements of cattle or deer.
  3. Make sure all animals are correctly identified with NAIT RFID ear tags.
  4. Notify NAIT of this movement of animals from your NAIT number unless sending to a saleyard or processor that can complete the movement transaction on your behalf.

TB status of animals

If you have concerns about the TB status of the animals you're buying or bringing onto your property for grazing, call us on 0800 482 463.