At OSPRI, the health, wellbeing and welfare of farmers is our top priority. When we identify TB in a cattle or deer herd, we know it can cause both financial and emotional issues for farmers — even if only a few animals are infected. A TB infection also puts extra strain on farm management.

If you're dealing with a TB outbreak, we can help by:

  • giving you regular updates on disease management and eradication progress in the area
  • arranging TB testing for your herd
  • answering your questions — you can contact us anytime by phone or email, and our regional team can visit you on the farm
  • working with Federated Farmers, Beef+Lamb NZ, DairyNZ and Deer Industry NZ to support you.

Get help with NAIT

All farmers and People In Charge of Animals (PICAs) are legally obliged to update their NAIT account when farming cattle and deer. Not doing so compromises:

  • our biosecurity response and preparedness
  • our food safety
  • effective livestock traceability.

For help or advice on meeting your NAIT requirements, call our Contact Centre on 0800 482 463, or email us at

Guidance from the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI)

MPI has information on the different kinds of support available to farmers, including:

  • feed planning
  • financial support from the government
  • mental health and social support
  • help dealing with Mycoplasma bovis (M.bovis).

Help from the Rural Support Trust

The Rural Support Trust team helps farmers and rural communities get through difficult times. They can:

  • give you guidance or advice, or be there for a chat
  • recommend professional services that may help you
  • refer you to other sources of support.

Their services are free and confidential.

Keeping yourself and your family safe

While bovine TB can pass to humans and household pets, the chance of this happening is very low. The best protection is to:

  • make sure all meat is well cooked
  • eat and drink pasteurised dairy products — avoid raw milk
  • keep dogs on-lead in or near bush areas
  • keep cats inside at night
  • never feed raw possum meat to pets.