If you are not the main person in charge of animals but need to help the PICA with their NAIT records, you can be listed as a PICA delegate.

A person in charge of animals (PICA) can nominate one or more people as a delegate to their account that may also be assisting in the management of their livestock.

As a delegate, you will, under the PICA’s authorisation, have access to the account and be able to perform NAIT actions including maintaining tag, animal, and movement records on the PICA’s behalf.

As a delegate user, you will have your own username and password. You may be given access to more than one NAIT location for more than one PICA.

How to register as a delegate

There are two ways to give a delegate access to your NAIT account:

  1. The PICA can log in to their NAIT account and register a new delegate. Log in to NAIT and click ‘Register a new user’.
  2. The delegate/PICA can call the OSPRI contact centre and request access to the NAIT location number. The PICA will need to be able to give permission over the phone.