Tag and register your animals – it’s a two-step process

After tagging your animals, you need to register them in your NAIT account within 7 days or before they leave the farm, whichever comes first.

Animal registration is an important step and must be done for all new-born animals, and any animals that need to be retagged.

Registering individual animals provides important information about their date and location of birth. It links their unique NAIT tag number to your NAIT location number and to you as the person in charge. This step is essential to ensure the lifetime traceability of an animal.

To register an animal, you will need to know:

  • The RFID tag numbers (or printed visual ID numbers) that you have used to tag your animals
  • The animals date of birth (month and year is fine)
  • The NAIT location number of the animal’s birthplace
  • The animal type (e.g. cattle or deer)
  • The animal production type (e.g. dairy, beef or deer)


Ways to register an animal with NAIT

  1. Online in your NAIT account.
  2. Via the OSPRI contact centre.
  3. Using a third-party application (such as the software that comes with tag scanners).
  4. Using the services of a contracted information provider.


How to register an animal in your NAIT account:

You can register animals one at a time, or as a group. When registering a group of animals, make sure you group them by age and production type.

  1. Log in to your NAIT account.
  2. Click ‘Register animals’.
  3. There are three ways to register animals with NAIT. How you choose to register animals may depend on how many you must register or how comfortable you are with NAIT.
    • Type in tag visual ID or RFID. You simply type in the tag visual ID or RFID number(s) and separate each tag with a comma (,) or semi-colon (;).
    • Select from a list of tags you have purchased. You can select the tag numbers for each animal being registered from a list of tags you have purchased. .
    • Upload a file with tag numbers. If you use a tag scanner, you can upload the file of tag numbers created by the scanner straight into NAIT.
  4. Once you have provided the tag numbers you will be asked to provide details about the animals you are registering. At a minimum you must provide, the place of birth, month and year of birth, and production type.
  5. Click ‘register’.


Animal registration video


Read transcript for this video
In this tutorial we will go over how to register animals.

After logging into NAIT, click 'Register Animals' and then enter animal details. There are 3 ways you can register animals to your NAIT account. If you want to type in the tags, either the visual ID — that's the writing on the tag itself – or the RFID number, click here and then type the amount separating each tag with a comma. If you've purchased tags these will be loaded against your account. Click here to select which animals you want to register from a list of tags you've already purchased. If you want to upload a list of tag numbers, choose this option.

For this tutorial we will be selecting from a list of tags you have already purchased. Click here, then simply tick the tags you want to register from the list. Now click 'Continue'. If the animals you are registering are all the same age and gender, you can enter the animals details here. Remember that the details you entered here will be applied to all of the tags you have previously selected. Hit 'Register' and you're done – it's that simple.