Movement Control Areas (MCAs)

MCAs are legally defined areas where there is a greater than normal risk of TB infection from wild animals. Within these areas, farmers must comply with restrictions on the movement of their stock. It is important that you check whether your property or the property from which you are purchasing stock or receiving grazers is within an MCA.

If your property is in an MCA

If your property is within an MCA, all cattle or deer over 90 days of age must have tested clear to a pre-movement TB test within 60 days of being moved. Stock going direct to slaughter do not need a pre-movement test.

To arrange a pre-movement test, you can either call us 0800 482 463, or book a test online. You need to give 14 days notice. In certain circumstances, such as after short-term grazing in an MCA, exemptions to pre-movement testing may be allowed — call us 0800 482 463 to apply for an official exemption.

Animal status declaration forms (ASD forms)

A signed and completed Animal Status Declaration (ASD) form must accompany all movements of cattle and deer aged 30 days or more, except for bobby calves moving directly to slaughter.

We're also working to develop an electronic ASD form, so you can make an animal status declaration (ASD) online or with a smartphone.