From time to time, an animal may arrive at a saleyard location without a tag.

What to do

  1. 1 Tag the animal.
  2. 2 Register the animal to the saleyard NAIT number.
  3. 3 Record the movement to the saleyard from the vendor (sending NAIT number).
  4. 4 Record the movement from the saleyard to the purchaser.

Completing these steps fulfils the legal requirement to notify NAIT of untagged animals arriving at the sale. 

An untagged animal can also be returned untagged to the farm of origin, though this is not recommended. If an untagged animal is returned, NAIT must be notified. 

Animals must not be sold or sent from the sale yard without being tagged.

Animals born at a saleyard 

When submitting a new-born animal registration, the saleyard PICA must provide: 

  • the month and year of birth  
  • the NAIT location number of birthplace.