NAIT traceability helps TB eradication


We’ve made a major investment in this disease. We’ve all worked hard. There’s more and more things in place as we improve NAIT. You can see where stock have been, what treatments they’ve had, and so you’ve got more information when you’re purchasing stock.

We’ve all got our part to play — be it supporting the programmes that are in place to eradicate TB in the wildlife, and by not purchasing stock from where you shouldn’t.

I think M. Bovis has helped with people’s understanding of what NAIT is about. For NAIT to work we’re the ones that are responsible. We own the animals — they’re our animals — so we’ve got to tag them, we’ve got to record that tag and then we’ve got to record the movement of the animal. And only we can do it. 

Caption: Tag register and record stock movements with NAIT to ensure lifetime traceability.

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