There are currently 17 herds with a TB infected status in Hawke’s Bay region, of which 8 have completed their first clear whole herd test. Of the herds with a clear test, at least half are expected to achieve confirmed clear status at their next test.

In the last week:

  • investigations into 2 herds have been closed
  • 1 new herd investigation has begun.

TB infections in Hawke's Bay have been successfully managed before. OSPRI wants to work with the Hawke's Bay farmer communities, vets, stock and station agents and trucking companies in a collective effort to return Hawke's Bay to TB-free status.

* Herds being investigated are herds that need further testing to determine if they are clear or infected with TB

Hawke's Bay TB response graph

Hawkes Bay control area

A movement control area (MCA) in Hawke's Bay expanded on 1 March to prevent the spread of TB infection into other areas. About 570 farms in the area between the Tutaekuri and the Mohaka rivers are affected. 

The expansion of the MCA is a temporary measure and will be relaxed as disease management clears infection and restores TB-free status.  This number is likely to go up and down initially until the control measures take effect. 

The MCA covers farms between the Tutaekuri River near Napier and north of the Mohaka River. 

See if your farm is in the MCA area

If your farm is within the MCA here is what you need to know:  

  • Cattle and deer over 3 months of age need a clear TB test at least 60 days before moving off your farm.

  • Cattle and deer moving direct to slaughter do not need to be TB tested.

  • Animals moving within the MCA to a piece of land you lawfully occupy do not need a pre-movement test UNLESS there is a different herd with a different herd number on the destination property.

  • To book a pre-movement test please call 800 482 463. We need you to make this booking no later than 14 days before you intend to move or sell your animals. 

Book a pre-movement TB test for your herd

An extensive testing programme to test for TB in herds in the area is underway. For this testing, you don't need to do anything — we'll contact you.

If your herd has a positive blood test, here's what will happen.

  1. Blood will be taken from animals with a TB positive skin test 10-33 days after the read day of the skin test.
  2. Blood test results will be made available the Monday after testing.
  3. Any blood test positive animals will be valued, and OSPRI will organise their transport and slaughter for you.
  4. The herd status will be suspended.
  5. A post-mortem inspection for TB will be done at slaughter.
  6. Any TB lesions found in the post-mortem will undergo initial lab testing.
  7. Samples of lymph nodes may be taken for more in-depth testing.
  8. Initial lab results from TB lesions will be available after 1-2 weeks. It will take 42-90 days to get the results of any in-depth testing of TB lesions and lymph nodes.
  9. A final diagnosis will be made when in-depth results are available. Final culture results can take up to 90 days. 

If your herd does have a positive blood test, we’re here to help. Your OSPRI case management team can talk you through selling your animal, and organise transport and slaughter arrangements to clear infection from your herd.

The health, wellbeing and welfare of Hawke’s Bay farmers is top priority for OSPRI as it manages the response to TB infections in cattle in the region during a time of drought, feed shortages and financial hardship for many.

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council data in July 2020 indicates some 3000 farms in the drought-affected area of Central Hawke’s Bay and outlying areas of Hastings. There is a conservative assessment that half of those farms need support.

For some farmers, a TB infection puts extra strain on farm management. OSPRI will: 

  • Provide everyone with weekly updates on the progress of disease eradication
  • Help arrange TB testing
  • Answer your questions - our team in Napier can help and will visit your farm
  • Hold regular farmer meetings, open to all
  • Make the latest information available on the OSPRI website
  • Work with Federated Farmers, Beef+Lamb NZ, DairyNZ and Deer Industry NZ to support you.

OSPRI can provide compensation to help farmers with infected herds. Compensation criteria, as agreed by all OSPRI stakeholders, can be found here.

Below is some guidance on support services in the region.

Hawke’s Bay TB Movement Control Area

A temporary extended movement control area (MCA) is in place in the area between the Tutaekuri and the Mohaka rivers to contain the disease and ultimately return the region to TB-free status.

For more information see the Movement Control Area section on this page, or call 0800 482 463.


All farmers and people in charge of animals are legally obliged to update their NAIT account when farming cattle and deer. Not doing so compromises:

  • our biosecurity response and preparedness
  • our food safety
  • effective livestock traceability.

For help and advice on meeting your NAIT requirements, call the OSPRI Contact Centre on 0800 482 463, or email us at

Ministry for Primary Industries

MPI have information available on the different kinds of support available to farmers, including:

  • feed planning
  • government financial support
  • mental health and social support.

Getting support with your feed planning
Dealing with drought conditions

Animal Welfare

It matters how animals are treated. We all have responsibilities toward animals in our care and those affected by our activities. In times of adverse events, maintaining the welfare of livestock can be a challenge. This is why it’s important to seek help if you are struggling to look after your animals. Some of the contacts on this sheet will be a good source of advice.

Also – if you believe you have seen cases of animal ill-treatment or cruelty, please report it to 0800 00 83 33 (Select option 2 from the menu).

Free feed planning and co-ordination services

Free support with feed planning and help sourcing feed is available to ALL farmers and stock owners, nationwide. Call to talk through your feed plan:

  • Dry stock – 0800 BEEFLAMB (0800 233 352)
  • Dairy sector – DairyNZ 0800 4DAIRY (0800 4 324 7969)

Mycoplasma bovis – support for farmers

As work continues to eradicate Mycoplasma bovis, some farmers may be experiencing stress. MPI has information about the support available for farmers affected by Mycoplasma bovis.

Support for farmers affected by Mycoplasma bovis

Rural Support Trust

There are dedicated teams supporting Hawke’s Bay farmers and rural communities.

Contact: Lon Anderson - (06) 858 8234 or (027) 249 5713 -

Or contact the Rural Support Trust’s 0800 number: 0800 RURAL HELP (800 787 254).

Rural Support Trust

In some cases bovine TB can be passed to humans and household pets, but the chance of this happening is very low. 

The best protection for yourself and your family is to:

  • Make sure all meat is well cooked
  • Eat and drink pasteurised dairy products - avoid raw milk
  • Keep dogs on-lead in or near bush areas
  • Keep cats inside at night
  • Don't feed raw possum meat to pets

The OSPRI team is confident that we can manage the TB infection, remove infected animals from herds and return Hawke's Bay livestock to TB-free status. But we cannot do it alone. This has to be a collective effort on all our parts to get the result we want.

Farmers are our primary focus and restoring your bio-security is a primary focus for the duration of this disease response -- let's work together.  

You'll find below information on how to book a TB test and OSPRI's 0800 number for help. Please call us for assistance 8am-5pm Mon-Fri. Don't hesitate to email us ( with any questions and we will post the answers on this website if it will be useful to other farmers.