Bobby Calves

Calves less than 30 days old sent directly to a meat processor from their birth farm (bobby calves). Bobby calves are also exempt from the requirement to record a movement.

Fallow deer

You need to provide an annual tally of fallow deer at your location. Untagged fallow deer can move between farms, but a movement must still be recorded in NAIT.

Trophy stags

Trophy stags don’t need to be tagged if they’re born at or going to a game estate, wildlife park or zoo. You need to provide an annual tally of trophy stags at your location.

Untagged trophy deer can move between NAIT locations, but a movement must still be recorded in NAIT.

Unsafe to tag (UTT) animals

Animals that are large and/or aggressive and present a risk to the PICA or other farm staff may be considered ‘unsafe to tag’ for NAIT purposes.

  • UTT animals are exempt from tagging under the following conditions:
  • the animal must only be moved to a location that is a meat processor.
  • the sending PICA must record a UTT movement declaration in NAIT before the animal is sent.
  • the animal must be clearly marked so it can be identified by the works or inspectors. We recommend you spray the back of an animal before sending to the works.

UTT animals are subject to a $13 UTT levy (excl. GST) per head, collected by the meat processor.  

To declare an animal ‘unsafe to tag’ you will need to provide the:

  • NAIT number of the farm the animals are moving from
  • NAIT number of the location (meat processor, game estate, safari park or zoo) the animals are moving to
  • exact number of UTT animals in the movement
  • animal’s gender, breed and approximate age
  • date the animal will be sent.