You can buy NAIT tags through your local farm supply store, most vets, or through LIC/CRV. NAIT tags cost around $5.00 each. This includes a tag levy of $0.90 which goes towards running the NAIT scheme.

White tags are for cattle, and orange tags are for deer.

Make sure the tags you buy match the NAIT location you are going to use them at.

When you buy NAIT tags, they're issued to your NAIT location number and appear in your NAIT account. This makes them easily available to help you register your animals after tagging. Most tags have the NAIT location number printed on them. NAIT tags for dairy animals have a dairy participant code printed on them but are still issued to a specific NAIT location.

After you have tagged your animals you must register them by opening up NAIT and entering the animal’s details.

Tags for new-born animals (birth tags)

Birth tags should be used for all new-born animals. They are printed with:

  • a NAIT location number or dairy participant code
  • the year (optional)
  • a sequence number.

Birth tag for all newborn animals

We recommend the use of birth sets (double tagging) for better animal identification.

A birth set comes with a NAIT birth tag and a matching visual ID panel tag. This makes the future management of animals a lot easier, especially if you do not have a scanner.

Replacement tags

Replacement tags should only be used for animals that lose their existing NAIT RFID tag.

Replacement tag for animals that lose their birth tag

Tag technologies

There are three manufacturers of NAIT approved tags in New Zealand:

  • Allflex
  • Leader
  • Datamars (ZeeTags).

NAIT tags come in two broad types - HDX and FDX. This relates to the way they operate when they're scanned by an RFID reader.

HDX and FDX tags differ in both price and functionality. You can choose either option for your NAIT approved tags.

HDX (half duplex)

  • HDX tags are higher performing and have a longer read range. They also have protection from outside interference.
  • Some on-farm automation systems, like Protrack, will only work with HDX tags.
  • HDX tags are a popular choice for dairy farmers.
  • Some older cattle crushes with a lot of metal noise are better suited to HDX.

FDX (full duplex)

  • FDX tags have a shorter read range and no protection from outside interference.
  • FDX tags are suited to most sheep and beef environments.
  • FDX tags meet the minimum requirements for NAIT compliance.

Your PICA obligations

  • All animals need to be NAIT tagged and registered within 180 days or before their first off-farm movement, whichever comes first. It is an offence to move untagged and unregistered animals off your property.
  • Ensure a tag is fitted on your animals at all times and correctly using a NAIT approved tag issued to your location.
  • Always tag the animal first and then register the animal in your NAIT account.
  • Never remove a NAIT tag without contacting OSPRI first. If you make a mistake and tag animals with the wrong tags you should contact OSPRI at 0800 482 463 in the first instance.