NAIT tags are printed with a corresponding visual ID number so they can be read visually or with an electronic scanner. You need to know this number to register the animal after tagging, move the animal, and update its details.

Reading tags with an RFID scanner

You can use an electronic scanner to read RFID tags. A scanner will collect the tag data and save it into a file. This file can then be uploaded to the NAIT system when registering animals or recording animal movements.

Some scanners come with their own mobile apps or computer software that help you send animal information to NAIT.

Visually reading the tag

This is best done before the tag is on an animal. Once a tag is on an animal it can be very difficult to get close enough to safely read the printing. Different types of tags made by different manufacturers are printed in various ways.

Using a visual panel tag

We recommend using a visual panel tag (double tagging) in addition to the NAIT tag. This helps to identify an animal safely without needing a scanner.

You can choose to use your own type of panel tag and link the panel tag and RFID tag in the system, or you can purchase a birth set when buying NAIT approved RFID tags.

A birth set comes with a panel tag printed with the same information as the RFID tag. These tags are already linked in the NAIT system.