TB differential slaughter levy

Meat processors collect a TB levy for cattle at slaughter to help fund the TBfree programme. Rates differ for beef and dairy cattle.

Following an annual review of rates, levies have decreased. From 1 October 2021, the rates are:

  • $9 per head for dairy cattle, down from $10 per head
  • $5.50 per head for beef cattle, down from $6.30 per head.

The maximum levy rate allowed remains at $15 per head for dairy cattle, and $8.50 per head for beef cattle.

All rates exclude GST.

NAIT slaughter levy

All cattle processed for human consumption or pet food incur a NAIT slaughter levy of $0.50 per head.

NAIT unsafe to tag (UTT) levy

A Person in Charge of Animals (PICA) may identify individual cattle or deer that are going to slaughter, but can't be safely or practicably tagged. In these instances, they may choose not to NAIT tag these animals, but must declare them unsafe to tag (UTT), and get an exemption from tagging.

The UTT levy rate of $13 per head applies to UTT cattle or deer arriving at a processor.

Meat processors don't charge the UTT levy if an animal:

  • has a NAIT tag but it doesn't scan
  • is untagged, but not declared and marked as UTT
  • has a NAIT tag, but is also declared and marked as UTT.

Paying the correct levy

As a PICA, you may need to change the production type for animals registered to your NAIT account to ensure you pay the correct levy. Download the NAIT quick guide to updating animal production type to find out more.