Requesting data from OSPRI

Applications to access NAIT data may be approved if it is for one of the purposes set out in section 40 of the NAIT Act. 

Applications are assessed by the NAIT information system administrator and, in some cases, need to be assessed by our data access panel. The members of the panel have specialist experience, and knowledge of the livestock industry and privacy law.

A determination is made in accordance with sections 40-48 of the NAIT Act 2012.

Completed data access request forms should be sent to

If an applicant is dissatisfied with decisions or determinations by the administrator or determinations by the Panel they can lodge a complaint.


Data Access Panel Annual Reports

Significant data requests are published in our annual report each year, to meet our requirements under regulation 8 of the National Animal and Tracing (Information System Access Panel) Regulations 2012.