Even if you appoint a PICA delegate, it's still your responsibility to ensure your NAIT account is up to date and your NAIT obligations are being met.

A delegate user will have their own username and password to access NAIT and may be granted access to the NAIT records for more than one PICA if required.

How can I assign a delegate?

As a PICA, you can create a new delegate user for your account or find and assign an existing user as your delegate. Do this in your NAIT account or by calling OSPRI.

You can assign another PICA farmer as your delegate.

How can I become a delegate?

If you're helping a PICA farmer with their NAIT obligations, you can get the PICA to register you with NAIT, or you can call the OSPRI contact centre (0800 482 463). The OSPRI contact centre will request permission from the PICA before appointing you as a delegate to an account.

Changing your delegate details

You can edit a PICA delegate's details in your NAIT account, or remove a delegate altogether. To do this:

  1. go to your NAIT home screen and click on the NAIT number the delegate is assigned to
  2. click on ‘NAIT number details’ in the left-hand column.
  3. click on ‘Edit’ or ‘Remove’ next to the delegate.