If an animal loses a tag, it must be tagged with a replacement device which can be linked in your NAIT account to keep the animal’s lifetime traceability.

If an animal arrives at your farm without a tag, you must tag and register the animal or return it (untagged) to the sender.

If a tag is damaged and can’t be read electronically, you must contact NAIT to request permission to remove the tag from the animal first.

Replacing a lost or damaged tag

To replace a tag that's been lost or damaged:

  • re-tag the animal with the replacement tag. If you want the new tag to have the same visual ID as the old tag, you can order a replacement tag with a duplicate visual ID. Duplicate visual ID tags cannot be registered against any other animal
  • update the tag information in the NAIT system. If you know the animal’s original tag number, it is important that you link the old tag with the new animal in your NAIT account. This ensures it maintains lifetime traceability.

If you don’t know the original tag number, you need to register the animal again in your NAIT account with its new tag number.

How to record a replacement tag in the NAIT system

  1. 1 Log in to the NAIT system.
  2. 2 Click on your NAIT number.
  3. 3 You will be taken to the ‘Registered animals’ page. Select the animal that needs its tag replaced by checking the box on the left of the relevant visual ID number.
  4. 4 Click ‘Replace tag’.
  5. 5 Enter in the new visual tag ID or choose the new tag from a list of tags you have purchased.
  6. 6 Enter the reason for the replacement.
  7. 7 Click ‘Continue’ to finish replacing the tag.

Do not remove tags without permission from OSPRI. It is an offence to remove a NAIT tag without permission.

If you need to remove or replace a NAIT RFID tag from a NAIT animal, contact OSPRI to request permission on 0800 482 463, or email info@ospri.co.nz. Once an approved tag has been removed and replaced, a tag replacement must be logged in NAIT.

It's also an offence to alter or reuse a NAIT tag.