Types of accreditation

Accredited organisations must comply with the appropriate standards. This includes renewing accreditation every 3 years.

Two types of accreditation can be granted.

Information provider accreditation

This accreditation type is for any individual or organisation that wants to provide a service to farmers to help them meet their NAIT obligations.

An accredited information provider can perform any NAIT actions on behalf of any PICA farmer they have a contract with. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • registering animals
  • recording farm-to-farm movements
  • making animal updates.

Information providers must meet the requirements of the NAIT Standard Accreditation of Information Providers.

Entities dealing with NAIT animals (movement exemption) accreditation

This accreditation type is specific to entities operating at meat processors, saleyards and export facilities.

An accredited entity can record a one-legged movement when receiving animals at their location. This means that the PICA farmer does not need to record or confirm the movement when sending animals to a saleyard or meat processor.

Accredited entities must meet the requirements of the NAIT Standard Accreditation of Entities Dealing with NAIT Animals.

Meat processors and saleyard operators also have obligations under the NAIT Act, including to:

  • register locations with NAIT
  • record movements to and from the facility
  • maintain accurate animal records.

Getting accredited

The accreditation process aims to ensure that all companies or entities that handle NAIT data and perform NAIT actions on behalf of other users comply with the NAIT Accreditation Standards.

We are reviewing the accreditation process, so applications are on hold. To express interest in becoming an accredited entity or information provider, email info@ospri.co.nz