NAIT animals born at a zoo or wildlife park are exempt from tagging and animal registration requirements. But, the PICA must record an annual tally of the number of exempt animals in the NAIT system against the facility's NAIT number.

Unsafe to tag (UTT) animals

Animals that are considered too dangerous to tag qualify for an Unsafe to tag (UTT) exemption provided they are going direct to slaughter. UTT animals must be clearly marked with a red X and declared in NAIT before you move them. The meat processor charges a $13 levy (plus GST) for UTT animals.

Moving animals to another zoo or wildlife park

If you move animals to a zoo or wildlife park you must record a sending movement in NAIT and the PICA receiving the animals must confirm the movement. Animals exempt from tagging, like fallow deer or trophy stags, must be recorded in an 'exempt animal movement' in the NAIT online system.

Removing NAIT tags

After the animals arrive at your location you can apply to us by phone or email for permission to remove the NAIT tags.